How to Get Yo Things Across Country

There are countless options now on how to move your things across the country so I did a lot of quoting, calling, and review checking. After a lot of research Ian & I narrowed it down to 2 options – renting a Budget truck & driving ourselves OR using PODs.

I looked at a LOT of trucking companies and the reason we would have gone with Budget had we chose to drive was that Budget was the least expensive and had unlimited miles. They also offered a rental for 8 days versus the 5-6 days competitors offered. We would have needed to tow Ian’s truck behind the moving truck and some competitors wouldn’t allow hauling trailers on the back.

In the end, Ian & I decided to use a POD for multiple reasons:

  • We moved in March – right at a time when there were snow storms happening in the exact path we would have to drive. We didn’t want to chance the weather and possibly get stuck in a state or on the side of the road.
  • We could only rent the truck for 8 days.
  • We knew the exact cost with PODs, and we could only estimate with a truck based on fuel costs, how many miles we could drive in one day, etc.

In the end, The POD was only an additional $500 or so based on our estimates so we decided to go with PODs so we knew what to expect versus facing the unknowns with driving.

Here’s our POD in WA, completely jam-packed

POD cpic

Arrived in AR!

pod in ar

Some stuff had shifted during the move so Ian had to get down and dirty to open it

ian and pod

Ian & I are happy with our decision of using PODs. It was nice to not have the stress of driving a moving truck. Plus we stopped at Mount Rushmore and they don’t allow large trucks to park there, just in case y’all may be headed that way with a moving truck!

Hope our experience helps y’all out! Happy Moving!

Ashley Snippe