Distressed Mason Jars

I do not consider myself a decorator so now that I’m attempting to make our new home comfortable, I’m stumped. Small details in a house really make a house feel welcome. I love having fresh flowers around the house but I’m not good about replacing them when I should so I decided to go the fake flower route. At the local farmers market, I saw a woman that was selling distressed mason jars and I told Ian that I could make those – so, I made them!

Here’s what you will need:

  • New Mason Jars or Clean Used Ones
  • Spraypaint
  • Sandpaper – I used 60grit
  • Shears
  • Fake Flowers

Mason Jar ProjI used mason jars I already had so I made sure to clean and dry them really well


Mason Jar HolderWe got creative & used Ian’s broken fishing poles to be able to spray the jars

Tips for spray painting: Be far back (at least 6 inches) and spray in short bursts while you move around to cover the jar completely. My first jar had some streak lines because I was too close and continually spraying like a maniac. Take it slow here. It took us 3 coats to reach the color I wanted.

Cutting fake flowers

In between coats, I cut my fake flowers. I cut individual pieces of the flowers using the shears. This was not an easy task, it could be just because I’m weak, but give yourself plenty of time to cut these up.

Once your jars are completely dried, it’s time to distress! I used 60 grit and didn’t have much of a plan here which worked out great because you don’t want them to look too perfect, remember – they are distressed.

mason jars 60 rit

mason jars distress

I focused on sanding the “Kerr” on the front and the top part on each one and then I randomly sanded the rest of the jar. I recommend sanding in small portions at a time to make it look better, stay away from sanding in large streaks.

mason jars distressedAfter the sanding/ “distressing”

mason jars completely doneI am no florist but I organized my flowers in the jar the way I liked & this is how they came out!

mason jars completedI love how they look on our island. It’s nice to have some more color in our kitchen & it’s going to be easy to change out the flowers for each season.

Real talk, this is probably the third project in my life I have started & completed & it feels great! It only took me about 5 hours total & I’m a new project-doer so those that are better with projects everyone can most likely get it done way quicker.

What do y’all think? Where are my project people at? I’m ready for another one, so shoot me some suggestions!

Ashley Snippe


My New Home: Downtown

Ian & I made the decision to move away from Seattle for countless reasons. This meant we were moving away from the majority of our family, away from the place we know best, basically the only place either of us has lived. Yes, it was difficult. But I am beyond excited for a new environment, a fresh start, and nicer weather.

My first week here in Arkansas, it rained to the point of flooding that I got an iPhone notification of a flash flood warning. Y’all…I’m from Seattle, it’s just rain. Finally, the sun came out and was in the mid-fifties so I got out to explore this new place I now call home.

First up: Bentonville Downtown, which is referred to as the Square. I’m already catching on to the local’s lingo 🙂

I now live in Walmart land and downtown holds the first ever Walmart store: 5-10. There is even a Walmart museum in the back! Yupp…a Walmart museum. It’s actually pretty cool. They have Sam’s office on display exactly the way he left it. So if when you come visit me, this will be on the tour.


This is the gorgeous City Hall building – IMG_0073

I’m telling y’all, these streets are SO cute!


Some cool train in the middle of Downtown Rogers that I didn’t stop to read what exactly it is:IMG_0093

Can we just take a minute to recognize how completely different my life is now? I mean, my major tourist spot now includes the Walmart museum. Did I mention this town shuts down by 9 pm? Even on the weekends…We are used to going out in Seattle until whatever time we wanted and having countless options for good food at any hour of the night. Granted, I could not tell you the last time Ian & I stayed up out past 11 pm, I’m going to miss having the option of going out for food anytime I want.

That’s about as much as I have explored so far. Hopefully I can get out more next week!

Ashley Snippe