Summer Bucket List: Float the River

I can officially cross off the first thing from my Summer Bucket List: Floating the river.

Ian & I were invited to tag along with a large group of people to float the Elk River so, of course, we grabbed some beer & our floaties and we were off! I don’t have many pictures because knowing me, my phone would have ended up in the water but it was nice to disconnect for a few hours anyway.

River floatIan had his priority Beer. Mine was more practical: sunscreen.

float the river

Floating the river was relaxing and we went with a great group of people! Ian & I both got so sunburned even though we went through an entire bottle of sunscreen haha.

First bucket list item down, stay tuned for the next one!

Ashley Snippe


A Little Self-Care Lovin’

By now everyone & their husband’s second cousins moms stepdads aunt has heard of self-care & for good reason!

Peoples lives have gotten downright hectic and I don’t know about you, but I sometimes I feel as if I end my day with more to do then when I started my day. This is why taking moments for yourself during the day are SO important!

Self-care can mean sitting down and enjoying your cup of coffee, meditating, reading a book – whatever it is that gives you a few moments to yourself!

So I’m going to challenge you to start taking the time for one self-care thing a week. Even if you are a working mom, you can take 5 minutes and take time for yourself. In fact, you probably NEED it to stay sane.

Last night I practiced my self-care with a bubble bath. I added some lavender bubbles, used a bath bomb, turned on some jazz & soaked for about 20 minutes.

I spend most of my time overthinking everrrrything in my life so I try to fill my self-care times with things I can unplug, unwind, and not over analyze something I said 5 years ago. This is MY time.

What’s going to be your self-care for the week? Think small – adding cinnamon to your coffee, waking up early and go for a walk before work, listen to a podcast while you’re driving, focus on what would give you energy and feel good.

Let me know what you end up doing & let me know how you feel!

Happy self lovin’!

Ashley Snippe

Branson Weekend Getaway

Last weekend Ian & I went up to Branson for a weekend getaway. We spent most of the day at White Water – a huge water park!
WW SignSaturday was 97* out which is incredibly hot for us Seattle natives

Ash and Ian wave poolWe had the most fun relaxing in the wave pool or floating the lazy river but we did make sure to go on every ride there including…

WW RideThis scary ass drop one. When you get on it at the top, you cannot see down at all! Ian & I weren’t going to do it but we saw 7-8-year-olds doing it so then we hadddd to!

We went on another ride where you stood up and they took the floor out from underneath you so you fell down the water tubes, I definitely peed a little bit. I wish I would have gotten a picture of it but even thinking about it makes my stomach drop.

It worked out well that a friend of Ian’s was in Branson the same weekend and they were able to get us a room at their timeshare. It was SO nice. The place we stayed had basketball courts, disc golf, jacuzzis, firepits, a huge pool with a bar, the grounds was amazing. I kept asking Ian if we had to leave haha

Hotel WaterfallHere’s a waterfall in front of the clubhouse

ww poolThis is where we were all night. It was the perfect evening for a night swim and then we enjoyed time in the hot tub.

Another great weekend in the books! I’m having the best time exploring all the new areas we now live by. Nothing beats a fun, relaxing weekend with my babe. Can’t wait for the next!

Ashley Snippe

Distressed Mason Jars

I do not consider myself a decorator so now that I’m attempting to make our new home comfortable, I’m stumped. Small details in a house really make a house feel welcome. I love having fresh flowers around the house but I’m not good about replacing them when I should so I decided to go the fake flower route. At the local farmers market, I saw a woman that was selling distressed mason jars and I told Ian that I could make those – so, I made them!

Here’s what you will need:

  • New Mason Jars or Clean Used Ones
  • Spraypaint
  • Sandpaper – I used 60grit
  • Shears
  • Fake Flowers

Mason Jar ProjI used mason jars I already had so I made sure to clean and dry them really well


Mason Jar HolderWe got creative & used Ian’s broken fishing poles to be able to spray the jars

Tips for spray painting: Be far back (at least 6 inches) and spray in short bursts while you move around to cover the jar completely. My first jar had some streak lines because I was too close and continually spraying like a maniac. Take it slow here. It took us 3 coats to reach the color I wanted.

Cutting fake flowers

In between coats, I cut my fake flowers. I cut individual pieces of the flowers using the shears. This was not an easy task, it could be just because I’m weak, but give yourself plenty of time to cut these up.

Once your jars are completely dried, it’s time to distress! I used 60 grit and didn’t have much of a plan here which worked out great because you don’t want them to look too perfect, remember – they are distressed.

mason jars 60 rit

mason jars distress

I focused on sanding the “Kerr” on the front and the top part on each one and then I randomly sanded the rest of the jar. I recommend sanding in small portions at a time to make it look better, stay away from sanding in large streaks.

mason jars distressedAfter the sanding/ “distressing”

mason jars completely doneI am no florist but I organized my flowers in the jar the way I liked & this is how they came out!

mason jars completedI love how they look on our island. It’s nice to have some more color in our kitchen & it’s going to be easy to change out the flowers for each season.

Real talk, this is probably the third project in my life I have started & completed & it feels great! It only took me about 5 hours total & I’m a new project-doer so those that are better with projects everyone can most likely get it done way quicker.

What do y’all think? Where are my project people at? I’m ready for another one, so shoot me some suggestions!

Ashley Snippe

Ian’s 31st Birthday

Yupp, Ian turned 3-1 this year! For his 30th birthday last year I had my college commencement ceremony so obviously, that was his best birthday 🙂  but I was determined to give my babe a very memorable birthday this year!

We started his birthday weekend with a round of golf at one of the nicest courses around. The course is in a senior community so we got paired with the CUTEST older couple – Pat & Jerry and with another couple more our age – Mike & Angie.

All of the guys were upset because Pat outdrove all the men on every hole since her tee boxes were about 150 yards in front of the men. Ian would get upset because she hit it straight every. single. time. haha!

ian and ash golfThe course was beautiful & the people that worked there were all retired & so sweet! I wanted to hug everyone but Ian said that would be weird.

We’re old so after our round, we took a nap and then I took my handsome man out for a steak dinner!

ian n ash kissing

ash outfit pictureI’m just going to throw in one outfit pic right here

ian wine drinkingHow he thinks I drink wine haha

Ian at dinner31 looks good on my sexual♡

Happy birthday baby! I wish you a prosperous, successful, happy year full of love & maybe a baby?


Ashley Snippe

Summer Bucket List 2018

This is our first Summer in Arkansas and although it has been 90*+ for over 2 months, it is officially  S u m m er  T i m e !

The past few years I have been in school and took summer classes so not only do I not have school this summer, Ian & I are in a completely different place to experience! I don’t want to miss out on anything so I have put together a little Summer Bucket List –

Summer bucket list

+ Drive-In Movie
+ Camp
+ Golf
+ Farmers Market
+ Wakeboard
+ Fish
+ Kayak
+ Picnic
+ Float the River
+ Paddleboard
+ Go to an Outside Concert
+ Hike (Devils Den?)
+ Go Dancing
+ Car Show
+ Baseball Game
+ Hot Springs Trip
+ Explore Breweries
+ Take a Class

Arkansas adventure guide

I got these amazing guides to events going on in our state for free! I recommend checking out your state, I’m sure they have something similar.

I will post updates as I cross these off! Is there anything I left off that is a Summer must-do? What’s on your bucket list? What is an absolute Summer must-do?

Ashley Snippe


Memorial Weekend on the Farm

Ian & I decided to spend our Memorial Day weekend at his grandpa’s farm in Missouri & we had the best time! Ian hasn’t visited since he was a kid in ’99 yikes 🙂  so it was overdue for him to go back. His grandpa has 88 acres of land & it is real farmland y’all.

MS farmThis wheat goes on & on

ian fishingMy babe is always fishing

His grandpa drove us around to where he grew up and it was so sweet listening to his stories from when he was younger. He showed us a church his grandpa actually helped build & it was beautiful! It’s crazy to imagine that area 50+ years ago with dirt roads and one grocery store. It makes me wonder what everything will be like 50+ years from now when I’m showing my grandbabies around.



ash ian memorial day

SunsetA beautiful sunset to finish off Memorial Day

I am so thankful we took this weekend to spend with his grandpa. We met some wonderful people and Ian got to see some extended family members he hasn’t seen since he was little. It was a beautiful, relaxing, Memorial weekend!

Now time to rest up because next weekend we are headed to Dallas for our next roadtrip!

Ashley Snippe