A Little Self-Care Lovin’

By now everyone & their husband’s second cousins moms stepdads aunt has heard of self-care & for good reason!

Peoples lives have gotten downright hectic and I don’t know about you, but I sometimes I feel as if I end my day with more to do then when I started my day. This is why taking moments for yourself during the day are SO important!

Self-care can mean sitting down and enjoying your cup of coffee, meditating, reading a book – whatever it is that gives you a few moments to yourself!

So I’m going to challenge you to start taking the time for one self-care thing a week. Even if you are a working mom, you can take 5 minutes and take time for yourself. In fact, you probably NEED it to stay sane.

Last night I practiced my self-care with a bubble bath. I added some lavender bubbles, used a bath bomb, turned on some jazz & soaked for about 20 minutes.

I spend most of my time overthinking everrrrything in my life so I try to fill my self-care times with things I can unplug, unwind, and not over analyze something I said 5 years ago. This is MY time.

What’s going to be your self-care for the week? Think small – adding cinnamon to your coffee, waking up early and go for a walk before work, listen to a podcast while you’re driving, focus on what would give you energy and feel good.

Let me know what you end up doing & let me know how you feel!

Happy self lovin’!

Ashley Snippe


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