Branson Weekend Getaway

Last weekend Ian & I went up to Branson for a weekend getaway. We spent most of the day at White Water – a huge water park!
WW SignSaturday was 97* out which is incredibly hot for us Seattle natives

Ash and Ian wave poolWe had the most fun relaxing in the wave pool or floating the lazy river but we did make sure to go on every ride there including…

WW RideThis scary ass drop one. When you get on it at the top, you cannot see down at all! Ian & I weren’t going to do it but we saw 7-8-year-olds doing it so then we hadddd to!

We went on another ride where you stood up and they took the floor out from underneath you so you fell down the water tubes, I definitely peed a little bit. I wish I would have gotten a picture of it but even thinking about it makes my stomach drop.

It worked out well that a friend of Ian’s was in Branson the same weekend and they were able to get us a room at their timeshare. It was SO nice. The place we stayed had basketball courts, disc golf, jacuzzis, firepits, a huge pool with a bar, the grounds was amazing. I kept asking Ian if we had to leave haha

Hotel WaterfallHere’s a waterfall in front of the clubhouse

ww poolThis is where we were all night. It was the perfect evening for a night swim and then we enjoyed time in the hot tub.

Another great weekend in the books! I’m having the best time exploring all the new areas we now live by. Nothing beats a fun, relaxing weekend with my babe. Can’t wait for the next!

Ashley Snippe


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