Memorial Weekend on the Farm

Ian & I decided to spend our Memorial Day weekend at his grandpa’s farm in Missouri & we had the best time! Ian hasn’t visited since he was a kid in ’99 yikes 🙂  so it was overdue for him to go back. His grandpa has 88 acres of land & it is real farmland y’all.

MS farmThis wheat goes on & on

ian fishingMy babe is always fishing

His grandpa drove us around to where he grew up and it was so sweet listening to his stories from when he was younger. He showed us a church his grandpa actually helped build & it was beautiful! It’s crazy to imagine that area 50+ years ago with dirt roads and one grocery store. It makes me wonder what everything will be like 50+ years from now when I’m showing my grandbabies around.



ash ian memorial day

SunsetA beautiful sunset to finish off Memorial Day

I am so thankful we took this weekend to spend with his grandpa. We met some wonderful people and Ian got to see some extended family members he hasn’t seen since he was little. It was a beautiful, relaxing, Memorial weekend!

Now time to rest up because next weekend we are headed to Dallas for our next roadtrip!

Ashley Snippe



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