Outfits of the Week

I picked up a part-time job as a server until I find a full-time job in my field that is a good fit. Being a server means I have to wear blue jeans, a shirt from the restaurant, and my hair up. Always. There are not many ways to stray from the uniform and I am borrrrred of it so, on my days off I have been putting in more effort than usual in my outfits.

We had a 76* sunshine day so I took full advantage & went straight to my white dress. IMG_0232

I have been going to a lot of networking events so dresses are an easy way to look put together with little effort.Green Dress Outfit

I had a professional meeting with someone and then Ian and I had plans to go to lunch so I paired this outfit, sweater, and shoes to go to both.

I love being able to wear dresses in April without being freezing! This time of year in Seattle feels like there will never be anything but gloom and rain so I’m really appreciating every single nice day here.

I will keep sharing my outfit pics with y’all as I work through my closet. Ian & I agreed I would donate any clothes I don’t wear within 6 months so I have a lot of outfits to create in that time!

Ashley Snippe


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